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Ok, so we are actually in the final stages of getting this podcast up and going. It has been a long process but we are right there! It is a dream come true for me to be hosting a podcast about  hunting and fishing. Ever since I heard my first outdoor radio show back in 2001, Bob Bauer’s Outdoor World, I knew it was something I would love to do. When podcasts hit the scene and I discovered them and realized people were doing them from their spare bedroom or basement, my wheels started turning. I was able to be a guest on the Dock Talk podcast run by a bass fishing friend of mine. Being in that studio and seeing a podcast run in such a professional manner really got me excited.

We are a Michigan based show and we will be talking about things we do here but everything we talk about will be helpful to everybody that hunts and fishes across the country. We are NOT experts at anything we want this podcast to be about learning and education. We are average guys who just fish and hunt a lot. We want to learn everything we can. What better way than to have our own podcast and have the actual experts come on and teach us all something?  When coming up with the name I struggled. I wanted to call it “Michigan” or “Great Lakes” something but I did not want to confine myself, I want someone to listen to the show in Colorado to Texas or New Jersey and get something out of it. We are proud Michiganiacs and that presence will be felt on the show, but this is for everybody.

Now that you have the back story, I want to discuss what the Hunt2Fish Outdoors content is all about. I have a passion for the outdoors in general but the two things that consume most of my thoughts are hunting and fishing. Specifically deer hunting and tournament bass fishing. Since that is what I’m most passionate about, I think its what I could do the most high quality programming on and make it great. Now I love all other types of hunting and fishing and do them quite often but this show will focus on deer hunting and bass fishing. I can tell you though when its turkey season, we are gonna have a turkey episode, when its walleye time we are gonna have a walleye episode. I have been toying with the idea of having a “spring in the outdoors” series of episodes. A couple of episodes where we dedicate time to all the great activities of spring like pan fish and bass on the beds, walleye jigging, turkey hunting, Morel mushroom hunting, food plot prep, all that stuff. What a great time of year that is!

We will most likely open the show with a  “chew the fat” segment where we might dive into some other topics we have been up to outside of bass fishing and deer hunting or how our bass/hunting season is going at the time.  We are hoping to have the top names in the world of deer hunting and land management. Did I mention I am a huge land management geek? Yeah we are gonna dive into that big time. When it comes to bass fishing I am currently trying to get some FLW pro’s on the show, who knows maybe we will get really lucky and score an Elite series angler. On top of that I would love to talk to guys that fish the BASS opens and BFL’s. The guys that are grinding and trying to go pro. We will also have guide services, charter boat captains, fish biologists etc…  We are gonna talk a lot about technique, gear and strategies. The world of bass fishing is Pandora’s box, the topics are endless. The best part about bass fishing is that it can make you an all around better angler a lot of the techniques and strategies carry right over to other types of fishing, especially pan fishing and pike fishing and we are gonna dive into that. The best pike fisherman around are bass guys, just ask em! On the hunting side of things we wanna get guys on the show that do land management and education for a living or a big part of their living. We are gonna talk about going after mature bucks, how to just shoot a deer no matter the size, the basics of hunting, how to hunt the huge tracts of public ground, how to use scrapes and rubs to your advantage, playing the wind,  hunting gear and equipment, land management, deer biologists,  deer camps and last but not least recipes, we are gonna try and have a recipe segment during each show. Hopefully we can get a wild game chef to call in and give us one from time to time. Of course we would have to go sample the food first. Food will be a big part of the show because after all that is the end game. There is a lot that I did not mention that we will talk about but I’m sure you get the gist of what we are trying to accomplish. We want to dive deep into all these outdoor topics and get geeky and learn. We want the podcast to be a place for all of us to come and learn something.

Thanks for reading this and look for the show soon. until next time, tight lines and shoot straight!


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